30th June 2015

Today, started doing Image Processing projects according to Robotic Vision and completed up to project 3.2 and just started with project 4.1. In evening attended presentation on bitbucket  (revision control management system and other features also ) and thought to start using it as I really make mess of programs while working on some project.

29th June 2015

Today, their was a lot of rain and memory related to what exactly I did today has also washed away with that rain. Just remember that I tried to make histogram in sage and plot it but failed and their was discussion on SBV model of colour that was also started by me and the … More 29th June 2015

26th June 2015

Today, discussed problems related to prominent colour finding algorithm with TCC members don’t know will find its solution algo work for some case not for pictures with promient colours only and show different for some images. chances of getting solution seems less.

22thJune 2015

Today, just wrote Image Processing program for RBG image and wasted whole day mainly afterwards But at night something came into mind and wrote program to find no. peaks in histogram of image.