First Week At TCC

On first day, I learnt HTML and CSS, then made a webpage using it. Then installed apache sever on my computer and gave presentation on it.
During validation of my HTML code there were three errors which occurred in it which I removed after the day at TCC. Then at home ,I installed Sagemath read about python for Sagemath.

On second day, I made presentation  using impress.js and made program in c++  to  make HTML files reading information from a text file. Then that I created CGI ( Common Gateway Interface ) program that created HTML page on demand according to input by user using GET method But was unable to call CGI program through local host. Then I searched internet and did many things like changing permissions changing codes of localhost etc to make that happen but nothing worked. Then at end of day someone helped me and told me to that I have to uncomment some line for localhost to recogines CGI files. In the, mean time I read about sagemath and tried to use its functions in interative mode.

On third day, after I was able to upload my CGI program their was problem of linking CSS file ,text file and picture to my CGI. Out of which I was able to solve the problem of linking text file to my CGI program so bascially my simple webpage was ready which took input from user i.e their name and password and display their profile page with their information read from a text file. But problem of linking other files was still their which was not getting solved even after taking help from other people in TCC hall on that day . At the end of day I was added to GD group of TCC where I post my problem of css.

On fourth day, I got answer of my problem of linking CSS file and picture from GD which I applied and problem of linking was solved. Then I used POST method in my CGI program to make my login system a little safe. Then I have to make make my CGI and HTML files to be able to loaded by localhost from public_html folder for which I searched internet and just changed some lines of code in loaclhost files and it was done. Then came the big problem of sagemath that was I have to make simple program of finding area of circle but was unable to import sagemath module in python and was unable to compile the program written in sage file also I tried changing path of module, even copied sage module where python  search for module but nothing worked properly. Then at home I thought to re-install it again then I found that my sagemath was not installed properly one file was missing. I tried to download it but it can only obtain from iso file of ubuntu so I just commented code of dkgp file due to which I was able to update it

On fifth day, I updated my dkgp file and then again installed sagemath which took an whole hour.  In that time I started Latex. Then after its installation I was able to interpret my programs i.e sage script and python script through sage but still was unable to import sage in python. so I put my sagemath to test function to test that every module is working properly which took approx. three hours and side by side I tried various methods to solve it even I tried to comment code of files in sage not working and change path of module in sage files which were not getting load but nothing worked. Then I thought to go with my final option that was to put this problem on GD but before it I thought to go through every thing final time thats when I found that I did not read documentation related to pyhton script not properly and the problem was that we can import sage in python script but it had to be interrpreted by sagemath only to work it not by interpreter provided by python.


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