18th July 2015

Today, mainly did nothing just got reveiws from sir related to latex and their were so many changes in just one page of PDF by sir. After seeing it, I think my work of latex is not even 60% complete till now.

16th July 2015

Today, I was not well so, didn’t went to TCC but worked from home and completed latex work in my opinion. Now waiting  for review by sir because after that only we can truly say it is completed.

13th July 2014

Today, worked on making my getcolor() and getshape() function by reading data from file and using HSV model. Then worked on making Latex identify Sagetex again, as I had reinstalled everything and had not kept any change log for my system. After that made small document in Sage+Latex which is still pending and in the … More 13th July 2014

9th June 2015

Today, whole day went on thinking about what project to make and whether it will be feasible. Yet, I am unable to finalise any project. At the end of day, I wrote program to find homograph of image.