31th May 2016

Added support for labeled ComboBox to Parameter. e.g. @parameter([[10,”low”],[50,”medium”],[100,”high”]]. This would show high, medium and low as text in comboBox and on selecting any one of them data associated with them will be injected into AST. It also support @parameter([[“large”,”XL”],[“medium”,”M’]]) or@parameter([[1,10],[2,20]]). Added support for to set increment step size for spinBox widget. e.g. @parameter(20) a=4; … More 31th May 2016

30th May 2016

Found the problem that default value don’t show up in comboBox if not present in the list. e.g. @parameter([1,2,3,4]) a=10; then 10 will not be displayed in options in ComboBox created. Solved the above problem. Tried to work to include use case of labeled drop down list and was successful in writing prototype code for … More 30th May 2016

29th May 2016

 Shown my work regarding GSoC till know to GD members. Attended presentation their regarding Make and How to search. Found a issue that when we change the value in script the value doesn’t change in model and in parameter Window. Seen thingsverse tutorial and found the use case missing in our project. Thought of solution … More 29th May 2016

28th May 2016

 Solved the problem that if we change the type of parameter in .scad file then the type of input widget don’t on parameter window side. Add feature to hide/show parameter description.If description in hidden the that description is shown when we hover mouse upon input widget for that paramteter. Updated the branch with respect to … More 28th May 2016

27th May 2016

Today I: Made classes for TextBox, Slider, Vector, checkbox Removed LibraryWidget related classes. Discussed about what to do next? Made separate GUI for spinbox and was thinking to make it for all input widget but left it for future as it will be related to another feature which will be implemented later. Just read book … More 27th May 2016

26th May 2016

Today I did -: Solved bug related to ComboBox in code. Redefined the ParameterEntry class. Deleted redundant branches and files.  Replaced ParameterEntryWidget  with ParameterVirtualWidget( a virtual class )  Added ComboBox  and SpinBox to virtual class ParameterVirtualWidget Changed little UI. I had re-factored the code know :  There is parameterObject class which contain the info regarding … More 26th May 2016

25th May 2016

Started with refactoring code. Thought of many design structure for the code. Then finalized one and implemented that but then realized it was not correct. Then again tried another structure but  was having difficulty in implementing it all together. so, I thought to start with small changes in original code. so ,after 2 failed attempts … More 25th May 2016

24th May 2016

Just thought about redesigning the code but was not sure whether to that or not. neither was able to design the  structure for code that would be best. so, got little dishearten. Then attended a seminar to get motivated. In evening talked to mentor to get remove confusions related to it.

23th May 2016

Finished with theory exams and started with GSoC coding period. Just talked to mentor with what I will be doing tomorrow (i.e. refactoring the code). Just got to now about a feature that my mentor want to add in GUI part. It was that the user who is changing the values should be able decide … More 23th May 2016