GSoC Bonding Period

Our bonding period have started  from 23rd april and I
have been working on converting my project proposal into project plan.
And my proposal went through very much changes and is know in its final
Earlier, my proposal was just based on GUI and adding the new feature to
the existing prototype branch. After allot of interaction with mentors.
I was told there is allot of need to redesign the exiting code and we have to divide
that task into three parts mainly-:

  • Front end-: It will deal with how the parameter will look to user like in form of range or spinbox etc. This part will include two parts:
  • Individual Parameter
    • This will define how individual parameters will look like
  • Container Widget
    • This will contain UI features common to all parameter. This widget will contain all parameter widget.
  • Back end
    • This will include the parser part that will create AST nodes and we can extract the parameters from the AST. we can use the single parser for whole .scad file or separate parser for extracting the parameters with annotations.The Back end part will also include the parameter extractor and injector or the injector can be included in parameter object which will serve as interface
  • Interface
    • This will include the parameter object which will serve as interface between both Back end and Front end. Parameter object will contain information regarding each individual parameter like parameter name, default value and information how these parameter will be displayed as widgets to user. Parameter object could also include the method to inject the value of individual parameter in to the AST.

Following will be different type of input widgets that will be supported
by the current scope of project-:

  • Spinbox
  • Checkbox
  • radio button
  • Vector
  • slider (horizontal)
  • slider (vertical)
  • Text
  • Default (When no input parameter widget is specified like at present stage.)

After this flow chart for the project was made which is in the link below with the project plan.

As the project plan went through major changes their was very much need to reset new milestones as old milestones just focused on GUI and adding new features. The new milestones consists of five parts -:

  • Front-end
  • Interface
  • Back-end design
  • Adding new features
  • Testing and cleaning

Topics that remained as point of discussion are-:

  • Syntax to be supported.
  • Where parameter values will be injected.
  • How to parse the the .scad file.

These topics are discussed previously and their are choices to made regarding all the above suggested points. The most appropriate choice for each will be implemented.


Now I will focus on making UML diagram for front-end and interface. So, that I can discuss with my mentor in better way how I want to redesign that part.

Here is my new Project Plan.





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