26th May 2016

Today I did -:

  1. Solved bug related to ComboBox in code.
  2. Redefined the ParameterEntry class.
  3. Deleted redundant branches and files.
  4.  Replaced ParameterEntryWidget  with ParameterVirtualWidget( a virtual class )
  5.  Added ComboBox  and SpinBox to virtual class ParameterVirtualWidget
  6. Changed little UI.

I had re-factored the code know :

  1.  There is parameterObject class which contain the info regarding a Parameter and is responsible for injecting and extracting the individual parameters in AST.
  2. Then there is  parameterEnterWidget class which uses the info in ParameterObject’s instance to create UI for that parameter.
  3.  Then there is ParameterExtractor class which is responsible for extracting and injecting all parameters and then send individual parameter to ParameterObject and store instance of all ParameterObject’s in a container.
  4. ParameterExtractor class is inherited By ParameterWidget class which is linked to main program. ParameterWidget class take individual ParmeterObject object from the container in which they were stored by ParameterExtractor class and sends it to ParameterEntryWidget class object and then add it to GUI interface . this is done for all ParameterObject Objects in container.



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