30th May 2016

  1. Found the problem that default value don’t show up in comboBox if not present in the list.
    e.g. @parameter([1,2,3,4])
    then 10 will not be displayed in options in ComboBox created.
  2. Solved the above problem.
  3. Tried to work to include use case of labeled drop down list and was successful in writing prototype code for it.But some wired result where given due to code written to solve the problem in point 1.
  4. so, talked to mentor and deleted all the code and commit related to above work. I will re-write complete code for labeled drop down and make comboBox code more cleaner.
  5. Tried to Code and design the a better way parameterWidget and mainwindow interact but did not get success till now.

At present Mainwindow first call the applyparameter() to apply all the values stored for the parameter then it calls to setParameter() to make new parameterObjects but this approach suffers from two issues out of which one is solved ( related to change of input widget with change in type of default value in .scad file) but the other one i.e. to Show change in model and value of input widget when default value is changed in .scad file.
There are two ways to solve this issue in my mind-:
1. To first apply setParameter() and then applyParameter(). for which we have to change how setParameter() works else it will nor reflect changed made through paramterWidget.
2. To applyParameter() to those parameters only whose default value doesn’t changed but for this we have to find the way to know whether the default value in AST is changed by ParameterWidget or by making change in .scad file.


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