31th May 2016

  1. Added support for labeled ComboBox to Parameter.
    1. e.g. @parameter([[10,”low”],[50,”medium”],[100,”high”]]. This would show high, medium and low as text in comboBox and on selecting any one of them data associated with them will be injected into AST.
    2. It also support @parameter([[“large”,”XL”],[“medium”,”M’]]) or@parameter([[1,10],[2,20]]).
  2. Added support for to set increment step size for spinBox widget.
    1. e.g. @parameter(20) a=4; then on incrementing the spinBox it will have value 24.
  3. Added support for maximum length of text that could be entered in lineField.
    1. e.g. @parameter(20)a=”hello”. Then we can type at max 20 characters in lineField.
  4. But as the syntax to be supported is not fixed. so, about syntax could change in future.
  5. Made the table regarding input widget that we will support with different controls for each widget.
    1. For different combination of Type of value and input widget.
    2. input widget and controls.
    3. present variables present in ParameterObject used by which input widget.

And its going on….



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