21th May 2016

Done with updating branch on which I will be working in coding period, removed all conflicts, compilation and run-time error and updated test files in morning. After that studying software methodology. Later, I will discuss with mentor that anything is left to setup before starting of coding period.

20th May 2016

Today, updated the prototype branch and removed the conflicts while merging but was not able to compile the updated code. Just one error left to be removed. I will work on that tomorrow.  

18th May 2016

Started with preparation of final exam Software engineering and trying to use its concept for designing GSoC project. Structure of Front end: Thinking of making all input widgets that we are going to support as individual objects and parameter( parameterEntryWidget in prototype ) as interface which will be the datatype of container containing all the … More 18th May 2016

GSoC Bonding Period

Our bonding period have started  from 23rd april and I have been working on converting my project proposal into project plan. And my proposal went through very much changes and is know in its final state. Earlier, my proposal was just based on GUI and adding the new feature to the existing prototype branch. After … More GSoC Bonding Period