30th June 2016

Tried to write the backend for pagination of parameters but was not able to implement my approach. Basically, what I want to do is lexer the multiline comments then store them in a variable then use that variable in parser to assign group to assignments.

29th June 2016

Today, I made : Edited code related to getParameter() and getDescription. so that both parameter and description behave more like Thingiverse syntax . Added test cases for OpenSCAD customizer.

28th June 2016

so, Let’s start by breaking the suspense :P. Yes, I cleared my mid-term and got following reviews. Your mentor(s) provided the following feedback for you: Nice work so far, it’s good to see the progress and I like the determination to solve problems even if that means we need to backtrack a bit and reconsider … More 28th June 2016

27th June 2016

So, today was the day of mid-term result(result are out by the time I write but what was the result I will be writing in next blog. although you might have guessed it by now ). But I was neverous whole day and little bit irritating. so, I thought to take my mind away from … More 27th June 2016

25th June 2016

Today I discovered some bugs related to my code and I solved all of them.Plus I also gave presentation on openscad and new comment like syntax on which I added in OpenSACD at TCC by using water tank model made by  honey deol    and  added the comments to make it interactive. After that I … More 25th June 2016

24th June 2016

Finally thingiverse like syntax is working for creating parameter widgets in OpenSCAD and    also support for annotations also exists. So, to able do that I first have to solve the problem that location of code was not getting saved in node. After that I worked to add support for labelled combo box and written code … More 24th June 2016

23th June 2016

Today, I started working on with Kintel’s idea after I merged the code of AST-refactor branch yesterday. so, I wrote a function name addparameter() which takes the text of .scad file as an argument and then  traverse the AST finding assignment nodes. After it finds the node then it gets the location of that assignment from … More 23th June 2016

22th June 2016

Today I  Tried to improve filter function that I wrote yesterday but things were getting complex after each improvement to the function. so, dropped that function. Then thought of using the idea suggested by Kintel but there was one f eature that it might not cover. so, thought about that how to cover that case. … More 22th June 2016

21th June 2016

 Filled Mid-Term evaluation. Wrote separate c++ function to filter comments apart from comments related to assignment statement. It covered many conditions when used with parser but not all. Discussed with the mentor.