15th June 2016

Today, I tried step by step approach to solve all problems:

  1. First problem was that I was not able to read string to parse data. I tried to solve it but failed. so, instead to sticking to this problem I thought to first read data from different file and check the grammar of parser.
  2. Then I tried to read data from file and correct the grammar errors in the parser.
    so, know I have correct grammar for parsing. I tried to read data from string and after little more search I was able to achieve it.
  3. Then tested different cases that thingiverse support and added rules to support [value:description,value:description…].
  4. Now was the work to get comment string from the main parser and pass it to comment_parser to make parameters and It Just required some work and it was done.

Problems left to solve :

  1. To read parse all string as single word not just pieces of text which I thought is done by new parser but in reality its not happening and causing system to crash.
  2. At present :
    1. //description1
       variable1=value1; //parameter1
       variable2=value2; //parameter2
    2. for following code if we deleted //parameter1 then //description2 becomes parameter of varaiable1 which should not happen.
      To solve this problem required little bit thinking.

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