22th June 2016

Today I

  1.  Tried to improve filter function that I wrote yesterday but things were getting complex after each improvement to the function. so, dropped that function.
  2. Then thought of using the idea suggested by Kintel but there was one f eature that it might not cover. so, thought about that how to cover that case. Got a little vague idea that we could cover that by using the flag and then inserting that in assignment during the parsing.
  3. Struggled a lot while merging the code of ast-refactor branch with that of my branch but after many changes, I was able to that and Openscad was  working  but not with annotation feature ( it was crashing).
  4. So, trying to fix that and test the code.

Apart from that helped  trainees, read the Matlab tutorial for the presentation tomorrow and enjoyed the rain.


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