27th June 2016

So, today was the day of mid-term result(result are out by the time I write but what was the result I will be writing in next blog. although you might have guessed it by now ). But I was neverous whole day and little bit irritating. so, I thought to take my mind away from the GSoC project. So, I started to work on my another project for some time. Although some part of my brain was still working on OpenSCAD project. So, I fetch the updated code and install that. Wrote the script to automate it.Then talked to our ranvir and  Tamanpreet (Senior UI developers  of that project 😛 ) and ofcouse Govind regarding the UI. and that we need to integrate the cgi part that I wrote long while ago regarding the getting the input file from web interface with django.

Then after that when In evening my nervousness decreased. I started again with OpenSCAD. So, started with reading about CSG (basic shapes, operation  and multmatrix which in starting seems strange but found that we have already studied it) and syntax of .csg file. It was all so simple things and easily understandable. After that moved my focus to main thing test cases for which I studied CSG and found that there is one more file .ast that is created for some of test cases and  that is the file which  will be useful in our test cases.

Apart from that found a missing condition in code and then corrected that. Found that when we use include <file> in openscad. Top level assignments of that file also become top level assignments of main file ( already knew this much ) but main thing was that location object had nothing to differentiate them due which it was creating  input parameter   widget for some assignments of included file and main problem was that it should be done either for all the assignments or none.(need to be fixed )

Done a lot of discussion with mentors regarding all of above stuff.






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