28th June 2016

so, Let’s start by breaking the suspense :P. Yes, I cleared my mid-term and got following reviews.

Your mentor(s) provided the following feedback for you:

Nice work so far, it’s good to see the progress and I like the determination to solve problems even if that means we need to backtrack a bit and reconsider possible solutions. Working independently on a topic and coming up with functional results like with the parser location issue is a very valuable trait. In the first half of the project we did neglect the community communication a bit, so let’s try to fix that for the second half. I suggest we try to include more community feedback by posting a short progress report on the mailing list and our G+ group


so, I was happy with that and after some searching, I slept near 2:30am.

So, what I did after when day started :

  1.   First, I found the place where I need to add code for dumping the AST.
  2.  Then wrote code to dump annotations with native syntax and plus edited the code of annotation::dump()
    varaible= value;
  3. Then tested that code for dump and has that code worked correctly
  4. So, I added that functionality for cmd line also.
  5. Then separated that code from mainwindow.h and in a separate file.

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