19th June 2016

Today I mainly did rest and these few things : Cleaned laptop and phone by deleting things and recovered 44GB of space. Made account on Quora and worte comment their which tooked nearly 1hr to write. Tried to resolve conflicts in grammar for nearly 1 or 1.5 hrs but it was futile expect that I … More 19th June 2016

18th June 2016

Spent whole day testing the code written till now and after many test failure and editing the grammar for each case my code  was  able to pass all the test cases on my local system and on travis. Finally my pull request is green.   Expect from GSoC work, I tried to build the LibreCAD … More 18th June 2016

17th june 2016

Solved problem of reading the words together in parameter and separating the description from parameter but had to face many errors in above and have to go through many iterations and git stash but finally found a solution but still work of testing it with test cases and finalizing the code is remaining. Also, Added … More 17th june 2016

16th June 2016

Today spend whole day tackling 3 problems: OpenSCAD crashes with segmentation fault message when syntax does not match with that of the grammar defined in comment parser. Words with space between didn’t return as one token. Unable to differentiate between description, comment and parameter I tried a lot to solve second problem and design solution … More 16th June 2016

15th June 2016

Today, I tried step by step approach to solve all problems: First problem was that I was not able to read string to parse data. I tried to solve it but failed. so, instead to sticking to this problem I thought to first read data from different file and check the grammar of parser. Then … More 15th June 2016

14th June 2016

Toady I was able to link parser to OpenSCAD after some difficulty as I was unaware of certain facts about flex and bison. Whole day went on solving this problem only as I tried many ways in parallel but this time I made log of the changes. so, there was not chaos like day before … More 14th June 2016

13th June 2016

Struggled whole day in configuring the parser with OpneSCAD. Tried many methods but unable to do so. Then talked to mentors related to the problem and they suggested many solution and Kintel pointed out that main reason could be that I am using too many different solutions. so, I thought to try it next day … More 13th June 2016

12th June 2016

Made a small parser which will be called in annotations.cpp and add parameter annotation  from comment. but unable to use as I was getting errors connecting it to the header included in parser.

11th June 2016

Just tried to solve issues related parameter and description parser but after many tries unable to find a solution. So, thought to take help of mentor regarding it. He suggested that we should just collect the whole comments in the parser and handle the content later. With different options how to do it. The one … More 11th June 2016

10th June 2016

Wrote a separate parser just  for parsing the comments and assignments but unable to solve grammar conflicts and neither able to combine embedded it in OpenScad parser due to new tokens. I was able to scan all tokens correctly. Also found that we can debug shift/reduce and reduce/reduce conflicts in grammar by using  -v option … More 10th June 2016