30th July 2016

Added support for numbers with digits after decimal in spinbox and slider. Plus also added code to not to create vector widget for vector if there is an element other than a number in the string. Also faced and solved problem of counting the number of digits after the decimal to set the precision which … More 30th July 2016

29th July 2016

Solved problem related to that of getting and displaying vector from the user through the text widget. Like when we enter string [ hello , world ] it got converted to [ “hello”, “world”] by parser and displayed in text widget but when it is compiled again this time parser gets [“hello”,”word”] and outputs as … More 29th July 2016

26th July 2016

Today I worked on: parameterization of all the variables solved issue “Slider updates although still being dragged” solved issues “Also when automatic preview is enabled, as soon as I set a value in the parameter view, it is reloaded and scrolls to the top. I have ~10 tabs with ~10 parameters each, so I have … More 26th July 2016

25th July 2016

Worked on making OpenSCAD customizer work more like Thingiverse now parameterization would not work for any other assignment statement expect that: Literal Range Vector unary operators And also modified tests according to them. Also earlier this vector a=10; //[10: 9 Small ,20: Medium 10 , 30: Large 20] would give error as 9 small was … More 25th July 2016

23th July 2015

Today, Started with refactoring the pull requests and also made a code more readable. Related to (Back-End of parameterization) and test case related to that part.