2th July 2016


  1. Firstly, there was the party thrown by me, Mandeep and Gauravjeet for clearing our GSoC mid-term.
  2. After returning from the party now was coding time.
  3. So, I coded to interface the backend written for pagination of parameters with front-end.
  4. Now, the software looks like this.Screenshot from 2016-07-03 00:07:48.png
  5. so, you can group paramaters with :
  6. /* group name */
    variable=value; //parameter
    /* group name 2 */

    although final syntax will be
    /* [group name] */
    variable=value; //parameter
    /* [group name 2] */
  7. Plus, tested the window build of the openSCAD.
  8. Mac:
  9. Window:32 bit:
    64 bit:
  10. Linux:http://files.openscad.org/snapshots/OpenSCAD-2016.06.30-x86-32_gsoc2016.zip
  11. And found a problem that needs to be handled manually instead of being handled by qt exception handling.

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