Love Origin of Hatred

I read this in one of a famous manga “naruto” that love gives birth to Hatred. We know a person, then start passing time together and eventually that person become an integral part of out life without whom we can’t imagine our life. but what happens when something bad happens to the person that we loved,We get hurt. Feeling of hate get seeded in our heart for the person, who is the cause of our loss.

It may be unintentionally or intentionally but we don’t care. We just care about is our loved ones and pain they suffered due to that person. All we want is make that person suffer same pain, we urge for revenge and direct our all efforts towards it. But what after we got our revenge.

Love sow’s another seed of Hatred. This time in the heart of the persons by whom that person was loved and his cycle of hatred might go on till the end of all. There is no break just exit/return from this iteration or chain of hatred.

The only thing that can break this cycle is forgiveness but how can we forgive anyone. It’s not easy and takes a lot of guts to forgive a person who gave you so
much pain. You can only forgive the person when you can understand the circumstance or mental state of that person which lead to the event. When you step in the
boots of that person. When you understand the pain through which that person might have gone.

Understanding is the only is the source which can help you forgive
a person. It doesn’t only save the other person from the wrath of you :p but also save you from being consumed by Hatred and revenge which only go on and continue to consume you and a lot more life’s until someone among you switch to forgive the other.

And one more thing, In the whole post I have referred to something that you love whose loss give birth to hatred within you as a person but that person can be anything living or non-living object.

You can also refer movie “Shareek” story of two families consumed by Hatred.


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