22th July 2016

Today, wrote test cases for testing the functioning of feature to save the parameter in JSON file and also applying that set again to the SCAD model. During testing found some bugs in my code due which I was not able to get desired results. So, I corrected that bugs and now everything is back … More 22th July 2016

20th July 2016

Today, I am having fever but still managed to do some work listed below. Added feature that copies JSON file on clicking save as button in openscad. Added the test cases of native parameter syntax and grouping feature. Remove the problem that was encountered when we tried to save the JSON file in location where … More 20th July 2016

19th July 2016

Today, I made upadting the Vector variable throught text working. Now vectors can be updated both by writing the vector in input widget and from reading the string from JSON file. Plus I also added minor improvments in the feature of saving set of the parmaeters like know we can create JSON file if they … More 19th July 2016

17th July 2016

Today, I haven’t done much work just removed the functions that were not supported by qt4 and was facing a problem that GUI of openSCAD was not being displayed. Plus also removed the problem that on adding the new set of the parameters if set with that name exist it got updated ( which was … More 17th July 2016