9th September 2016

Today, moved on with lua after dealing with some difficulty in understanding some concepts. Also updated the OpenSCAD code and removed all the conflicts. Although I was not feeling well whole day.

8th September 2016

Today, Studied Lua for starting working on LibreCAD and came face to face many new terms like: Data-driven programming, and data description. Embeddable scripting language Clean C Rapid prototyping First-class values 8-bit clean Coroutines C registry Free-form language Closure Associative arrays Tail-call elimination Syntactic sugar

7th September 2016

Today, Started with studying code of LibreCAD and thought of starting contribution from GUI part as I thought it was in c++ but found that even GUI part was not completely in c++. It was mixed with a lot of Lua. So, had I good conversation on #LibreCAD IRC  channel. so, know I will be … More 7th September 2016

6th September 2016

Today was the interview day for Infosys Placement .According to me, It was awesome but long (I didn’t realize that It was long but my colleagues told me that It lasted more than half an hour). Although it could be better. There were no difficult question like introduce yourself or why you want to join … More 6th September 2016

3th September 2016

Today, worked on resume as placement session have started. Also explained about functional programming to GD members present during Taman’s seminar. And also got scolding from sir for not giving seminars and doing GD projects. So, thought about discussing with all members present their about it. Also got to know that we can store instructions … More 3th September 2016