30th October 2016

Today was Diwali but a normal Sunday for me. But It was about to get special and got special for a moment when I read the comment written by kintel on my PR. @amarjeetkapoor1 I will merge this now. Note: There are still some issues which are important to fix before the next OpenSCAD release. … More 30th October 2016

29th October 2016

Yesterday, I found a way to do something which I thought was impossible without going into the coding part of ejabberd server. but I found it although it was an indirect way but it was the only way. Bookmarks are the private data of the users. So, they can be found in private data that … More 29th October 2016

28th October 2016

Today, Uploaded college on Google Play store in Beta version but didn’t made it public. Plus also configured the server to work more efficiently by setting varous option given in ejabberd’s Doc. Also found way to bookmark Group through server that we have to use private_get and private_set to set entry with bookmark for given group … More 28th October 2016

27th October 2016

Today, was a busy day. Configured ejabberd on college server.Made some changes to android app and presented to user our app for first time.(pre beta version) in the group made for testers.

26th October 2016

Today, renamed the package name of android and also started with learning Erlang languages which is something new as their is paradigm shift in this language i.e. I have to move from sequential programming to concurrent programming which is only challenge that I have to deal with. Plus some weird syntax for me to grab … More 26th October 2016

22th October 2016

A great day of great Discussions with a lot of people especially teachers handling college network and softwares, navjot singh tung (big data expert) and our mentor H.S rai. And how much they are working to improve college network and how good the college network is. Also have discussion about our college’s messaging app. Found … More 22th October 2016

20th October 2016

Today, helped sehra sir in settings up labs with R and R studio for tomorrow’s event by making localserver. Modified UI of conference feature in our college app. And also tried to use LDAP for authentication but was unsuccessful, then mailed the problem on ejabberd’s forum.  Got tried after whole day of moving from TCC, … More 20th October 2016

19th October 2016

Solved problem of certificate’s authentication and add option to give unique name to contact when creating one and hide domain names from PinGu. And also configured ejabberd’s server to work with two authentication systems one internal and other LDAP.

18th October 2016

Today was big day, we were able to connect ejabberd to LDAP after so much trying but then came another challenge to authenticate without using anonymous method to LDAP. Plus also worked on client added option to name contacts will creating as else it would be difficult to find contacts using roll numbers and also … More 18th October 2016