15th Octber 2016

Today was a busy day a lot of presentation and work.

Today when I reached TCC introduction of new members were going on and we old members also introduced ourself but my mind was still trying to solve the issue that I was facing.

First I thought maybe problem was in My phone. So, I tried to install it on Amrit’s phone and same problem was faced their also and then also on parimals phone. Then we started to see why this is happening by adding Log.v at place where variable that was causing problems was being initialised and got to unknown that it was being initialised to null for some cases. So, we confirmed that problem was due to server and then we tried same app but with different user login and that app worked as that was surprise as if server was at fault it should not happen and tries on some more system with different usernames and it worked on all except for system with my username and we found the problem was created just due to my account not whole server. So, basically we found the culprit.

Then we moved to discussing the above our app and made some issues and also projects to manage our work.

Also changed removed feature of creating new account and changing password.

Plus Today was also seminar by arsh on algorithm trading (which should be actually named trading algorithm) and ORM. Plus Mandeep also told about his journey from coming to TCC till joining the company and also shared his experience.


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