29th October 2016

Yesterday, I found a way to do something which I thought was impossible without going into the coding part of ejabberd server. but I found it although it was an indirect way but it was the only way.

Bookmarks are the private data of the users. So, they can be found in private data that is saved on the server like contacts and bookmark. I found a command to access this private data and set private data

$ejabberdctl private_get user::binary host::binary element::binary ns::binary
$ejabberdctl private_set user::binary host::binary element::binary

So through these, I can access the private data and modify it. So, today I started writing python program to modify it and wrote that but then came the problem as very thing is not simple in my life that python was adding a default namespace in my XML data “ns0” and I searched about it as I was not very much into xml so I was not able to solve even getting commands from the internet how to solve. Then I left it tomorrow thinking that I will first learn xml and then solve it.

Next, was turn of getting SSL certificate for our server which was difficult task and started with www.letsencrypt.org and used https://certbot.eff.org/#ubuntutrusty-apache  to get certificate from letsencryt but couldn’t get one as My server was unable to complete challange given to authenticate my server as it was pointed out by subdomain. Then I was introduce to https://github.com/diafygi/letsencrypt-nosudo by arshpreet with help which I got certificate in second try when I used –file-based option(not through automatic). But was not sure certificate that I got was correct or not as the connection was still breaking.


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