30th October 2016

Today was Diwali but a normal Sunday for me. But It was about to get special and got special for a moment when I read the comment written by kintel on my PR.

@amarjeetkapoor1 I will merge this now.

Note: There are still some issues which are important to fix before the next OpenSCAD release. I have created separate issues for these, labeled them Customizer and added them to the next milestone.

I might have missed some – feel free to extract more of them into separate issues.

Felt happier than completing GSoC but it still didn’t got merged due to some other reason but will get merge.

And I have to solve 3-4 issue for next release of OpenSCAD.

After that started with XML Just read about namespaces and after some time everything got solved and now I was able to manipulate XML data through python and feature of adding a bookmark from client side was not far now.After that read about system calls through python and coded to call ejabberd commands through that but I was getting an annoying error sh: 1: Syntax error: redirection unexpected due to the following code.

p = subprocess.Popen(["ejabberdctl","private_get","135005","
lab.gdy.club","storage"," storage:bookmarks"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
a= p.communicate()
os.system("ejabberdctl private_set
"+username+" lab.gdy.club "+output)

and I was unable to solve it. So, posted it in GD and moved to getting SSL certificates thing. Searched on the internet about SSL certificate and ejabberd and how to create pem file for it. but couldn’t create one correctly but I also found a site to test XMPP connections https://xmpp.net. Where I found that sequence was wrong of the certificates that I appended in pem file. so, thought to work on it tomorrow.

Apart from have discussion on OpenSCAD on some issues and first felt happy that we don’t have to do it but hen felt like I don’t know what that feeling was as we have to add a limitation to our customizer to make it compatible with that of Thingiverse (i.e. Thingiverse customizer don’t parse parameters after first non-assignment statement but our customizer don’t. So it gave freedom to declare parameters when needed instead of in the start of the file only ) as Thingiverse’s customizer was being used by a lot of people and they were the people how would use our customizer. So, we have to support that syntax but looked like a tough task for use as Thingiverse used string parsing for parsing parameters and we were using syntax parsing with little string parsing.So, It would be a tough job to do this at AST level but we have to do it. Plus we also have to stop parsing parameters inside include file as Thingiverse customizer don’t do but again it was easy for them as they did using a string parsing and we are using syntax parsing.


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