17th October 2016

Today made changes related startup screen and removed option to create account on paid server. Plus removed server name from being displayed in contacts and also removed some option like changing password etc and also rearrange some settings options.

15th Octber 2016

Today was a busy day a lot of presentation and work. Today when I reached TCC introduction of new members were going on and we old members also introduced ourself but my mind was still trying to solve the issue that I was facing. First I thought maybe problem was in My phone. So, I … More 15th Octber 2016

14th October 2016

Spend the day understand the Frozenchat and then makeing domain static for all user and instead of user have to specify that but app was crashing and app was even crashing on undoing all the changes. Unable to understand the exact cause but found it was related to server and null pointer returned from localpart … More 14th October 2016

8th October 2016

Today,  attended presentation by Jagraaj on cross platform application development and mades it report and uploaded on github. Created issues with label hacktoberfest. Helped Jugraaj in making android app for sending messages using API. Created form to collect feedback from Ex-GD members regarding GD. Thinking of learning android to complete that sms app before Jugraaj.

7th October 2016

Worked on making list of Ex-Gd members which consumed a lot of time.Plus also found many interesting mails of Ex members to read. After that went to attend GATE class in college.