30th November 2016

Today, Removed the share button from the menu in the login screen and while adding the new account. Also, did some testing of sunehaG and found the issue with the sharing of the URI for Groups.  After that helped Sandeep with GRASS.  At the end of  the day, Wrote section related to Testing with that, … More 30th November 2016

What future C++ would look like

Here, Is the example of how the code that we could be able to write in future C++. Shown in cppcon2016. https://youtu.be/_wzc7a3McOs import iostream using namespace std; module map_printer; export template<Sequence S> void print_map(const S &m)     requires Printable<keyType> && Printable<valueType<S>>; {     for (const auto &[key,value]:m){         cout<<key<<“->”<<value<<endl;   … More What future C++ would look like