31st October 2016

Today found that cause of the  sh: 1: Syntax error: redirection unexpectedthat I was facing due to the following code.

p = subprocess.Popen(["ejabberdctl","private_get","135005","
lab.gdy.club","storage"," storage:bookmarks"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
a= p.communicate()
os.system("ejabberdctl private_set
"+username+" lab.gdy.club "+output)

It was the second system call instead of first. So, I just improved it.

Also, I created the pem file and configured it to the ejabberd and now we have secure tls channel to communicate but the problem related to connection breakage didn’t got solved.

But I found Real Culprit in the whole case It was jio as I was only getting problems related to unable to connect to server and connection break when using jio sim. when I switched to Aircel everything was awesome. And my Suspicion about this arise as for 2-3 days I am facing the same problem with IRC and also logging to the server using juiceSSH. But Still, we have to do something about this as more people ( especially students will be using jio these days and they will face this problem on using this app and they will blame app not the network).

Also configured ejabberd.yml to support TLS connection.

Also got the pointer from tbuser (maker of cloud scad) related to thingiverse customizer that it stops parsing at first { Instead of first non-assignement and this reduce a lot of work.


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