What future C++ would look like

Here, Is the example of how the code that we could be able to write in future C++. Shown in cppcon2016. https://youtu.be/_wzc7a3McOs

import iostream
using namespace std;
module map_printer;

template<Sequence S>
void print_map(const S &m)
    requires Printable<keyType> && Printable<valueType<S>>; {

    for (const auto &[key,value]:m){

This code has three features and we can use these features at present
also but At present, we can’t use these feature in combination with
each other like in above example.Instead, These can be used individually as these are provided by different compilers and not aprt of standard at present.
These features and provided by are:
1. modules ( by Microsoft compiler)
2. concepts ( by GCC 6.1)
3. structured binding ( by clang)


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