Grown Up Pointers

Shared_pointers #include<iostream> int main(){ int *b=new int(12); //initialize the pointer int *c; c=b;       //make  pointer c points to same pointer delete b; //delete the pointers std::cout<<*c; } Above program will produce an error on running. Why? because the object to which c was pointing got deleted will c is still pointing to it. In … More Grown Up Pointers

Customizer: Parameters order as in the source code

There was an issue that says the order of parameters and group should be according the order of the parameters in the script which was a difficult task as we were saving all parameters in map which don’t keep order in which parameters were added instead arranges the object inside it according to the … More Customizer: Parameters order as in the source code

6-month Training Summary

During my 6 month training, I worked on three main projects: OpenSCAD’s customizer, sunehaG and TheRoadproject. Where OpenSCAD being chosen by me as the main project. So, Let’s start with OpenSCAD’s customizer. OpenSCAD OpenSCAD is basically the programmers 3D CAD i.e.  we can create 3D models using programming and the programming language used by it … More 6-month Training Summary

30th November 2016

Today, Removed the share button from the menu in the login screen and while adding the new account. Also, did some testing of sunehaG and found the issue with the sharing of the URI for Groups.  After that helped Sandeep with GRASS.  At the end of  the day, Wrote section related to Testing with that, … More 30th November 2016