What future C++ would look like

Here, Is the example of how the code that we could be able to write in future C++. Shown in cppcon2016. https://youtu.be/_wzc7a3McOs import iostream using namespace std; module map_printer; export template<Sequence S> void print_map(const S &m)     requires Printable<keyType> && Printable<valueType<S>>; {     for (const auto &[key,value]:m){         cout<<key<<“->”<<value<<endl;   … More What future C++ would look like

12th November 2016

Made following changes in sunehaG: Changed icon of app and banner Changed the file path where Downloaded media have to be stored. Stopped creation of names of groups from contacts in that group which made it difficult to know the group.

10th November 2016

After yesterday’s worked today we have to work on extracting the data of 2013-2014 which was in the different format then LibreHatti. So, we were unable to extract that data. Also tried to install the  TCC automation software but things didn’t worked out. So at last, decided to do work manually next day.