20th August 2016

Last day of GSoC 😦 . Wrapped up everything and submitted the final submission. Will be missing working late night Now, I will be trying to move back  to my normal daily routine. Just extra work of making presentation related to my GSoC work left which is to be submitted by 31 August.

15th August 2016

I thought my work was over yesterday but it was not. Today I added feature of reset in customiser and also remained parameter window to customiser in project. Also added, open creative licence to example written by me.

14th August 2016

Today, I tried to solve problem that on installing OpenSCAD examples written by me gets converted into binary but unable to solve it. So, I asked teepee that I am going to push and he can check that same problem also persist on this system as this problem seems to be specific to my system … More 14th August 2016

13th August 2014

Today, was my birthday day. So didn’t did much work. Just after yesterday’s discussion pushed the code the corrected code and also cleaned up parametric examples and converted sign example with comment syntax and commited it.

12th August 2013

Today, I found (Re-Discovered) bug in OpenSCAD language which is a bug from language perspective but a useful feature from the perspective of a user. It’s a useful bug which created a problem for me related to implementing the customizer. a=12; echo(a); a=34; This would give output 34 instead of 12 So, how its creating … More 12th August 2013

11th August 2016

Today, solved the problem of Reading booleen values and that data from JSON file gets deleted when we try to add new set but click cancel button. Also, corrected test case’s according to new changes. Also cleaned coded of examples and made it more readable.

10th August 2016

Today, Solved problem-related to sub-window and also found new problem related to reading booleen from saved parameters and also one more related to saving parameters. Also, made basic example model for customizer but It need clean up.

9th August 2016

Played with OpenSCAD.Trying to build a model to candle stand. While Playing found that Thingiverse syntax that we support can help in making truely parametric according to me. And some other problems related to sub Windows.